The fastest way to compare cars, new or used.

Noodler.  The noo way to discover and compare cars.
Noodler.  The noo way to discover and compare cars.

Reasons you'll never go back

Use your eyes, not your calculator

Regular comparisons just give you numbers. Noodler shows you what they mean.

Save and share your work

You can email your work to yourself, or kick it back and forth with a friend.

Take it with you

No other car research tool is so mobile. Just email it to your mobile device.

See only what matters to you

See how cars compare overall for a type of spec in collapsed view. Expand areas you care about. Follow the Edmunds link to see the car's full page at

It's all relative

Add a car you know well to see at a glance how a new car compares to your current ride.

Avoid wasting time

See at a glance if a car has a spec you can't live with, like not fitting in your garage.

Discover something

Easily grab any popular new car from a dropdown and see at a glance if it's worth exploring.

Compare them all at once

Other comparisons can only fit 4 cars on your screen. Interactive highlighting tames the crowding.